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January 30, 2011

Charlie celebration, day three

Todd's side of the family came over celebrate Charlie's birthday today.

Charlie's attempt at showing us he is "two".

It was great to have the whole family here. I'm just sorry we didn't get any good pictures of Rickie!!!

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January 29, 2011

two years

Our little guy is two! Charlie has come a long way in recent months. Pretty much anything Audrey does, he wants to do too. It is fun to watch him look to her for cues on how to act, though not always in his best interest.

He is clearer in communicating his thoughts and can even tell stories with a little help. Charlie is still pretty goofy, but we have started seeing a serious side of Charlie too. Sometimes he tells us something with such conviction it is hard not to laugh.

One of our favorite things about Charlie is his dancing. It is a cute little circular skip that requires a great deal of concentration. We love you, Char char!

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double party

Cousin Grant's birthday was yesterday and Charlie's is today, so Channy agreed to host a joint birthday party for the boys.

Allysa introduced the kids to Justin Bieber songs and videos on her Ipod. Audrey's verdict: nice. Charlie's: cute.

Seth got into the party spirit.

Birthday boys with lots of birthday cake.

Charlie, of course, loved his Thomas cake that Channy picked out for him.

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January 28, 2011

choo choo Charlie

Our little guy's birthday is tomorrow so Todd took the day off from work and we planned some activities just for Charlie. First stop was the children's museum. The last time we were there was six days before I had Charlie.

Then was the highlight of Charlie's day, or possibly of his life so far, the train restaurant. I don't think he could believe he was at a place with working trains everywhere.

We sat at a counter where they brought our food out on a train.

They even brought his birthday ice cream with a candle out on a train. He loved it!

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January 26, 2011

the many faces of Charlie

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January 25, 2011

cool kids

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January 24, 2011

this one's for you, uncle Jeff

Audrey loved wearing her new warm up suit to and from ballet today.

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January 23, 2011

go bears

When we found out we could get free food at Noodles for wearing team gear and we were invited to a playoff game party, we had to pull this Bears hand-me-down out of the outgrown pile for Audrey to wear. She asked for days when she would get to wear it, calling it the Cubs outfit every single time.

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January 22, 2011

airtastic party

Audrey attended her friend Sarah's birthday party at one of those bouncy places today.

Crabby after playing, despite a large delicious cake right next to her.

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January 21, 2011

bakery men

Santa brought Audrey and Charlie a toy kitchen and a few accessories, like these chef hats.

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January 19, 2011

check up

Today the whole family took a trip to the doctor for Audrey's late four year and Charlie's early two year check ups. I convinced Todd to take the day off from work to assist since I knew there were going to be shots. I love at Charlie's age when they get shots and don't even know what hit them. He had a little whimper then was perfectly fine. Audrey did better this time than with her flu shot - there was no kicking, though she did angrily yell at the nurse that she did not like her. Once she calmed down, she did apologize.

We know that Audrey is a big girl now, she had to wear a paper gown for the appointment. She, of course, called it her princess gown.

Here are the stats: Audrey is 41 inches tall and 35 pounds. Charlie is 35 inches tall (64th percentile), 25 pounds (17th percentile), with a 19.5 inch head circumference.

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January 17, 2011

first homework

We had a family homework assignment for Audrey's preschool - to decorate a snowman. I may have directed a bit too much, but Audrey was very happy with the results. Making our snowfriend patriotic was all her.

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January 15, 2011

good timing

What luck that when we go to spend a gift card Audrey got for her birthday (thanks, uncle Scott!), there just happens to be storytime at the bookstore. And they gave out cookies. Our kind of storytime.

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January 14, 2011

so fancy

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January 11, 2011

snow fort

Another snowfall, another snow fort.

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Charlie's first session of storytime began at the library today. Like his sister, he is not much of a participator, but sat quietly and paid attention to the stories.

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January 10, 2011

rite of passage

One of the worst things about working is missing big moments like this: Audrey received her first library card today! I'm so proud of you, girl!

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January 07, 2011

ear tubes

I'll be honest, we've been more than a little worried about today. Sure, it's a simple procedure, but signing off on surgery for your little girl, no matter how minor, is not an easy thing to do. Thankfully she was super brave and chatted up the procession of nurses and doctors as if the whole thing were no big deal. They whisked her away and about 5-10 minutes later the doctor was back to tell us everything went well. Audrey is now the proud owner of some ear tubes and hopefully is now done with her recurring ear infections. We could not be prouder of her; she was really great today.

She's also the proud owner of some really cool new hospital socks!

Special thanks to Channy for coming out before the crack of dawn to keep an eye on Charlie!

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January 04, 2011

work from home

One day back into the old routine and I was ready to be back home, only this time I was working. Someone slipped an elf hat on my head while I was diligently conducting searches.

Not one to be left out of the fun, Charlie improvised and crafted himself an 80's style headband.

After lunch Charlie declared he needed to use the potty. As it is our dream to see him out of diapers, we got him in the bathroom in about 1/2second later. Nothing happened, but it's a start...

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January 03, 2011

back in the routine

After almost two weeks of Todd off work and no classes, Todd was back to work and Audrey was back to dance class today.

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January 02, 2011

you've reached Charlie Milo...

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January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Celebrating the start of 2011 by staying in where it's warm. Happy New Year!

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