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April 30, 2011

ballet picture day

Audrey's dance recital is coming up in two weeks and today was picture day. Audrey was excited to get all dressed up.

Audrey waiting with some classmates to get pictures.

Audrey, Abby and Sarah came up with this Charlie's Angels-like pose all on their own.

After pictures, we loitered outside the park district eating popcorn.

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April 29, 2011

twenty-seven months

Charlie has really been loving that the weather is nice and he can go outside and dig in the dirt. He is all boy when it comes to getting dirty.

Now that he is really talking, Charlie comes up with the silliest things. He'll say "I have an idea guys" and then tell us some gibberish about cars or trucks. If you try to tell his an idea he always argues that it is not an idea. I guess in this house, Charlie come up with all the good ideas.

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park playdate

We had a great afternoon today with Amber and Brylen at a park we had never been to. We took a nice walk (run) around the pond and saw what we think was a beaver then played at the playground.

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April 28, 2011


Look what Charlie proudly showed me he could do today with a chip. That's my boy!

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April 24, 2011

bunny cake

Audrey and Charlie discovered this morning that the easter bunny visited our house and brought books and candy.

We saved the egg hunting for Nana and Papa's house, who organized a great egg hunt for Audrey, Charlie and cousins Imani, Jaila and Jeffery.

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April 22, 2011

I need a vacation from this vacation

Erinn and Kieran were off to Ireland again so we were off to Chicago to stay at their loft for a mini vacation. Our plan was two nights, low expectations and keep the cats company.

We started our trip by picking up Todd from work yesterday and going out for dinner at Leona's. I should have known we were destined for trouble when Charlie didn't nap at all. It started out small with happy screams because he thought it was funny. Dinner ended with Charlie throwing himself on the sidewalk on Taylor Street crying and screaming (unhappily).

Audrey was pretty good at least for the most part. Since she and Todd are both smiling, this picture must have been taken before Audrey grossed out us and half the restaurant by licking the top of the parmesan cheese shaker. Eww.

The rest of the night really only got worse. It had been a while since Charlie slept in the pack and play and he was not having it. He leaned so far over the side he fell right out. So, Charlie got to sleep in a big bed for the first time and did great. But between thinking someone was trying to break into the loft, crying cats and bed-hogging, thrashing children, Todd and I did not sleep so well.
The tired crew this morning.

Todd had to go into work this afternoon so I debated about just taking the kids home after breakfast. We bucked up and went ahead with our plan for the morning - the Museum of Science and Industry- and then we would go home. It was a good decision to go, we had a lot of fun.

Audrey in front of a model of the building we call "dada's building" and everyone else calls the Sears Tower.

Audrey had been talking about coming back here to see her favorite baby chicks for months.

Who knew the MSI has mold-a-ramas? Charlie pushes his new train.

Audrey wanted to take Charlie for a ride on the tractor.

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April 16, 2011


Our neighbors invited us to join them at the local bouncy place and we accepted. Last time Charlie was here last summer, I had to leave with him while Todd and Audrey stayed and had fun. It took a little bit for him to warm up but soon he was jumping with joy and cruising down the big slides with Todd.

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April 14, 2011


We know that spring is coming - our daffodils are finally in full bloom!

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April 10, 2011

good kitty

Charlie still gets excited every time he sees Natasha. He is a pretty good friend to her when he isn't threatening to pull her tail.

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April 09, 2011

digging in the dirt

Charlie gets some serious outside time.

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April 08, 2011

wonder bry

Hooray! Amber and Brylen visited today! They delved into Audrey's dress up clothes and Brylen was rocking the Wonder Woman costume.

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April 03, 2011

clean shaven

The kids didn't even notice Todd finally shaved his winter beard today.

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April 02, 2011

up in the air

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