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March 31, 2011

shut down

We had a bit of excitement this afternoon, when there were three police cars outside our house, dealing with a minor issue at the neighbors. Audrey thought it was funny to tell Charlie they were going to be taken to jail and convinced Charlie to hide under the couch with her.

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March 29, 2011

twenty-six months

Charlie's language abilities have exploded! The boy whom I was worried would never talk is talking in sentences and saying new words every day.

It is so nice to hear him express himself, even if it hasn't helped as much as I had hoped with the occasional meltdown.

We love this crazy, little guy!

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March 26, 2011

cute fam

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March 25, 2011


Susan started her spring break early with a lunch with me, Audrey and Charlie.

Even though they wouldn't try anything greek on the menu, they were both very excited about the pasta with parmesan cheese.

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March 21, 2011

zippity do da

Nana joined us for Audrey's observation day at ballet.

Then we at lunch at Audrey's favorite, Noodles & Co.

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March 20, 2011

snuggle time

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March 19, 2011

off to see the wizard

We hadn't seen Brylen, Amber and Patrick for way too long. So when we decided to see a puppet show at Todd's hometown library, we got together with them for breakfast, then all went to the show.

It's like these two were never apart.

Patrick kept Charlie well entertained.

Sitting so nicely waiting for the show to start.

Charlie checks out the puppets after the show.

Before heading home for Charlie's nap, we got to visit with Nana and aunt Nancy.

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March 18, 2011

drop off

Todd's car is in the shop getting some work done so we took him to the train this morning.

Charlie was thrilled to be so close to real trains and insisted we stay and watch several more go by, even after Todd was long gone on his way to work.

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March 17, 2011

happy st patrick's day

Audrey was supposed to wear green for school so I made Charlie represent his small portion of Irish heritage today too.

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March 15, 2011

tap tap tap

I visited with Sara today while Audrey was in school and she gave me some great hand-me-downs from Emma. Despite the princess gear, Audrey was initially the most excited about the tap shoes. I think she may be giving up ballet for tap this summer.

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March 13, 2011

fried pickles

Today we dug it with Mike and April for lunch.

Audrey and Charlie were both very interested in Mike's tats and he was more than happy to show them off.

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March 06, 2011

Charlie bath

The boy is very serious about his shampoo mohawk.

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March 01, 2011

free pancakes

It isn't very often I take both Audrey and Charlie to a restaurant by myself, but today was free pancake day. How could I pass that up just because I didn't have another adult to supervise with me?

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