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February 29, 2008

all too pink

I haven't been feeling well this week so Audrey and I haven't been up to much. Todd even stayed home from work on Wednesday so I could stay in bed most of the day.

These pictures are while getting ready to go to the grocery on Monday. If you had told me two years ago I would have a daughter who I would dress in all pink I never would have believed you.

Saying "cheese" for the camera

During lunch that same day

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February 26, 2008

no snow bunny

By mid-morning the snowfall had stopped and it was sunny so Audrey and I took a trip outside.

Everything started out fine. Despite being stuffed like a marshmallow, Audrey was doing a good job walking on the driveway in her snow pants.

And then I set her down on the snow and that was the end of our outside adventure.

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February 23, 2008

party girl

This morning Audrey took a trip to the comic book store with Todd. He bought Audrey her first very own comic book.

After a lunch of broccoli and pasta Audrey took a nice long nap.

Then it was off to Emma's (from our playgroup) first birthday party.

Audrey was scared of the dog at the party. She has only been around dogs a few times and has not had a bad experience so I don't know why. She held on to me every time the dog barked. Here she is peeking around the corner making sure the dog isn't around.

Don't look now Audrey, but the dog sees you!

Audrey with the birthday girl as she is strapped in her booster after thoroughly destroying her birthday cake.

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February 22, 2008

watch out for killer birds

My college friend Sarah came down from the north shore today to visit Audrey and me. Audrey had fun climbing all over Sarah and showing off a little walking. Sarah got to have fun helping change two poopy diapers. What a friend!


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February 21, 2008

in the kitchen

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February 19, 2008

mod baby

Here is Audrey looking cute over the weekend after a trip to the grocery store. As usual, she insisted the sticker from the bananas go on her forehead. She spent the entire shopping trip with it there. The balloon (or ball, as she calls it) was her valentines gift.

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February 18, 2008

too cold outside

Audrey and I met up with Amber and Brylen at the mall for some warm indoor walking this morning.

This is how Audrey entertained herself with her sweatshirt while we strolled.

Brylen and Audrey hit the play area for just a bit before going home.

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February 17, 2008

our sunday

Tonight we went to Audrey's uncle Jeff and aunt Rickie's house to wish cousin Imani a happy 6th birthday, which was earlier this week. Audrey really liked being around all of her cousins and wanted to be right there in the action with them. This was nice because she usually just sits back and observes around other kids.

We started today with daddy's yummy pancakes.

This is the serious face Audrey makes when she says "no no no." She says this when she knows she is not supposed to be doing something but usually is doing it anyway.

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February 16, 2008

The Audrey Show

We took this video to capture the girl laughing, but I like this footage even better. The viewfinder on the camera has been turned around so Audrey could watch herself being filmed.

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February 14, 2008

happy valentines day

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February 13, 2008

head inside

Audrey has really taken to a song that we sang each week at the library storytime. It involves putting different body parts (hands, head, feet, elbow) on the round cushion they give the kids to sit on. Head is Audrey's favorite and ever since last week she has been tapping her head with pretty much everything she picks up, like at storytime. Here she is over the weekend demonstrating with a plastic container.

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February 12, 2008

quite a morning

Today was our last meeting of winter storytime at the library. We discovered that the mom and 16-month old we had been talking to the last few times lives in walking distance from us and frequents the park by our house. We made plans to meet up once the weather turns.
When we got home, Audrey took 20 steps in a row without falling. This is her best yet! Then came the poop. Audrey pooped so much it came out of the leghole of her diaper. The mess was everywhere - changing pad, pants, shirt and the floor. After giving Audrey a bath I set her in her crib so I could clean up the changing area and she peed in the crib. How do I let this still happen?

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February 10, 2008

up close on Sunday

Just a couple close ups of our girls

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February 09, 2008

moving furniture

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February 08, 2008

coffee klatch

Audrey was being a bit crabby this morning so I was happy to meet Sara, Jack and Emma at the coffee shop again. Audrey entertained herself as usual with her monkey and an empty snack container and Jack and Emma busied themselves with coloring, worksheets, stamps and stickers allowing Sara and I to talk.

A sticker was shared with Audrey and, of course, went straight to her forehead.

Eventually Jack and Emma got antsy and lounged on the chairs before Jack took pictures of every random object in the place and Emma walked in circles pretending to talk on Sara's cell phone.

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February 07, 2008

the library

Todd took the day off of work today to go on two(!) dental appointments. After Audrey's nap we went on a family trip to the library. At storytime this week the librarian had us write our baby's name on a scale that they used to form a dragon on the wall for Chinese new year.

Audrey walked a bit holding Todd's hand but mostly crawled. I think walking wasn't getting her to all of the things she wanted to see fast enough.

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February 05, 2008


Audrey often grabs my glasses from my face and tries to put them on herself. She comes no where near her eyes, usually trying to get them to stay on the top of her head or back of her neck. Not that I want her looking through my coke bottle thick lenses but today I helped her out.

Audrey also likes to wear my hair clips and headbands.

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February 04, 2008

fourteen months

This last month has been all about flipping, pushing and walking. Lucky for Audrey, not so lucky for our electric bill, our house has low light switches. Audrey gets up on her tippy toes and turns them on and off and on and off. She has the same affinity for pushing buttons - on the washing machine, phone, dishwasher, anything she can get her hands on.

And then there is the walking. She has become a pro at walking behind her wagon and ride toy. She will also walk behind anything else tall that will move like chairs and boxes. She walks from room to room holding our hands but hasn't taken more than a few steps on her own. I worry my protectiveness is holding her back.

Audrey has developed quite a personality. She is quiet and observant when we are out and about but at home is a total goofball and we love it.

We thought this was really funny yesterday: Todd was cheering Audrey on while pushing the wagon saying "let's go walkers, let's go rollers" (in reference to the Walk & Roll event I used to plan for the Cancer Society). When he said rollers she stopped walking, got down on the floor and started rolling around. He said it again later and she did the same thing so it wasn't a fluke!

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February 02, 2008

uh oh

Audrey received her worst self-inflicted injury to date today. She fell onto a corner of two walls and now has a gash that goes from her chin to her bottom and upper lips and onto her nose. It must look worse than it is because she barely cried and seemed unaffected within minutes. Todd thinks we should tell people she was in a sword fight because it sounds much cooler than what actually happened.



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February 01, 2008

snow day

Audrey waded through her first drift of snow today! It seems like every other time there has been snow on the ground it is super cold. It took longer to get Audrey into her coveralls and boots than she was outside. She stood for a bit, sat and then laid down while I helped her make a snow angel. I think not being able to move around, due to all of the layers and the deep snow, freaked her out and she wanted to go in after a few minutes.

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Last night I went to dinner with friends Sara and Tina. Tina was kind enough to pick me up on the way to the restaurant since I am such a wimp about driving in snow. She hung out with Audrey while we waited for Todd to get home from work.

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