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September 29, 2007

stuck with daddy

Jill headed into the city to spend a "baby-free" Saturday with some girlfriends. For me that meant daddy was on the clock, flying solo, from around 7 o'clock this morning until the early evening. As is the usual, we kept things pretty low key: a little climbing on furniture, some beating mixing bowls like drums with a wooden spoon, you know, standard father-daughter fun. We took what may be one of our last walks around the pond in summer-like weather. All the fowl were hanging out in the center of the pond together as if discussing their vacation plans down south, so we knew we better enjoy the stroll while we had the chance. We stopped off for some swinging and had the run of the park. As no one was there to stop us, we did a few turns around the merry-go-round too, much to Audrey's delight. The girl wasn't much for napping today, which meant by the time mommy got home, we had a bit of a grouchy baby on our hands. But as you can see, she was in good spirits for most of her day with daddy...

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Audrey fun fact number 4 of many

Audrey Fun Fact: the girl loves her bananas

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September 28, 2007

out to lunch

On Wednesday Jamila and Emma from my mom group ran errands and ate lunch with us in Oak Brook.

Yesterday we went on a long walk and to a playground with Sara, Jack and Emma.
Sitting nicely together back at Sara's after our walk.

Audrey can't go long without trying to pull up on tables, dressers, laundry baskets and walls, whether they are stable enough to hold her or not. Thankfully with this chair she would rather sit underneath it or drag it around the kitchen.

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September 24, 2007


I haven't posted in almost a week! Here is what has been happening...

There are no pictures to prove it, but Thursday we went to the gym with Sara, Jack and Emma and I left Audrey in the child care for two hours. It was the first time she was watched by strangers but I don't think she even noticed I was gone. Afterwards we all went swimming and Audrey was loving splashing around and touching the water spraying up from the fountains in the pool.

Saturday was another mom group with everyone from class back in March. Audrey was the only girl this time with Noah, Austin, Lucas and Jonathan.

Sunday Todd's parents and Erinn and Kieran all came over then we went out to lunch.

Audrey with her seven teeth just can't seem to keep herself from biting me while nursing. So today I attempted formula for the first time. Many tears were shed - all by me - but she only played with the bottle and wouldn't actually drink any of it.

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September 19, 2007


Yesterday since Todd was home from work Audrey and I showed him Phillips Park, where we went last week with Amber and Brylen. We missed the reptile house last time. They have alligators!

It's fun to have daddy home during the week.

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September 18, 2007

water babies

I took advantage of a little PTO time today to share in the fun that is Audrey's water babies class; It's always nice to get a first hand glimpse of Audrey's life during the week. For a baby who is constantly chatting my ear off, she sure was quiet during her swim - though I did hear her say a few da-da's while waving to me on the sidelines.

Mommy takes good care of Audrey in the pool

Action shot of the girl during class

And here are some shots of the whole family in front of the giant oceanic mural

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September 16, 2007

sunday morning

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another day in the city

Today we took our second trip into Chicago in one week.

We met Mike in one of our old 'hoods at Sultan's Market for our favorite falafel. Mike was up for giving Audrey some tickles and playing the who will pick up my toy when I throw it on the ground game.

Next we went down to Wicker Park for the Renegade Craft Fair. We bought Audrey this cute little knitted lady squid which she threw out of her stroller just minutes after this picture was taken and someone took it before we could find it. The nice craft lady let me have a new one for a discount but it is a boy squid and not quite as cute as the lady. Lesson learned - don't trust the baby with the squid.

Erinn and Kieran treated us to gelato and sorbet before going out to celebrate six months of dating and we head home.
We enjoy making Erinn go way over her baby-holding quota every time we see her.

Audrey is always excited to see Kieran

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September 15, 2007

phillips park

Friday Audrey and I went to Phillips Park with Todd's high school friend Amber and her daughter Brylen. The park is huge and has a nice little zoo with animals native to North America.

Audrey and Brylen watching animals

Audrey and a cougar

You can't really see them in this picture but here are some elk and ducks

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September 12, 2007

day in the city

Today Audrey and I went to Chicago with Sara, Jack and Emma. Getting on and off the train and up and down stairs with the baby, stroller and gear was a task, but we had a fun day. Audrey was happy the entire time and took in all of the new experiences in stride.

We took the metra in - Audrey's first ever train ride.

Our first stop was visiting Todd at work. We met some of Todd's co-workers and took in the views of the city from 63 floors up. Audrey impressed Todd's fellow librarian Sara with her crawling skills.

Among the stacks

Next we headed to Millenium Park. We watched as Jack and Emma played in the Crown Fountain then we picniced under the Pritzker Pavillion.

Audrey liked looking at her reflection in Cloud Gate, aka "the bean".

Can you find our reflection?

We took a water taxi down the Chicago River back to Union Station. Audrey fell asleep in her stroller on the walk there. I did not want to wake her so Sara and I carried her in the stroller down several flights of stairs. Audrey did wake up in time to enjoy her first ride on a boat. Afterwards there were more stairs to climb. Thank you Sara!!!

Posing for one last picture with Jack and Emma before taking the train back home.

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September 08, 2007

Audrey crawls!

It's just amazing to see these things happen. Audrey's been flirting with crawling for a while, for weeks she's been sitting up on her knees threatening to move, yet staying in place. Recently she started moving around, belly to floor, in an "army crawl," but that was obviously too slow for her. Sometime mid-week it clicked that she could put it all together and really get around; she's a crawler now, and she's getting better at it each day.

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September 04, 2007

nine months

Our baby is now nine months old - a whole 3/4 of a year! We just noticed a new tooth coming in on the bottom so the count is now at six total. The more teeth the better; this girl really enjoys crunching Cheerios and sweet potato puffs. Audrey loves to stand and depending on the surface can even pull herself up and shuffle to her right or left. She will often sit up on her knees in a crawling position, but to date has not actually crawled anywhere. She will, however, get on her belly and move around the floor in a sort of army crawl, so I guess that counts. She's mobile, yet lucky for us, she's easy to catch. No matter the activity, you can be sure Audrey is supplying a commentary. Both "mama" and "dada" come up often in the conversation...

And the official 9 month photo

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September 03, 2007

life among the cats

Audrey and Natasha striking the same pose while hanging out together on a lazy afternoon

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September 02, 2007

swim party

Yesterday we went to Channamom's house for a party filled with grilling out and swimming.

Audrey gets more secrets from aunt Pam-o

Mackenzie entertains Audrey in the pool

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