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November 14, 2005

farewell to my favorite scanning partner

On Friday my wife and I were forced to say goodbye to our cherished friend, Pips the cat. I realize that not everyone will appreciate the deep sense of loss we are feeling, but to anyone who has ever bonded with a pet, you know just how easy it is to consider a family cat or family dog as just that--part of the family.

For 13 years Pips was part of our family. She started her life out as a birthday gift to my older brother from his then girlfriend. Pips came to live with Jill and me some 6 years later when my highly allergic sister-in-law was forced to give up her allergy medication (and my brother forced to give up Pips) due to pregnancy. From her first day with us, Pips was my constant companion - whenever I sat down you could almost count down to the second when that cat would be on my lap! She was on hand everytime I tried to accomplish anything on our computer; through every paper for school and all my scanning projects, she wouldn't allow herself to miss any of the fun. Many times after I shooed her away from the keyboard, she would settle on the desk or table next to where I was working and rest her head on my hand. It made controlling the mouse a little difficult, but somehow I managed.

It's been a hard adjustment these past few days, her presence in our home was such a large one that her absence is impossible not to notice. For a cat at age 13, she was in all outward appearances very healthy. Yet beneath that exterior she was battling cancer, which proved to be too far advanced to fight with any success. All of her doctors were amazed at how good her quality of life was up until the end, and though it does little to ease the pain right now, I am thankful that that her suffering was minimal.

While I realize this isn't the sort of entry one might expect to find here, I appreciate your taking the time to humor me by reading it. I really do feel she deserves a tribute here as she played at least a small role in nearly every post.

So farewell, Pips, you were a great friend and the best scanning partner a boy could ever ask for. Rest easy, you deserve it.

Posted by Thrillmer! at November 14, 2005 10:31 AM

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