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January 24, 2005

don't tell me thrillmer is actually writing something?!

Seems like everytime I sit down to type out a message to my peeps, I invariably start whining about how busy my life is, how little time I have, how much I want to write but can't, etc, etc, etc. Well, I'll spare you a little of that tonight. I don't know if anyone sticks around here long enough to notice things like this, but I've been slowly working on my links. There were some folks I thought I had included originally, but somehow lost or left out, so I'm happy to report they're back on board. I don't get around the comics blogosphere as much as I should, but whenever I find myself visiting a site more than a few times, I've been better about getting them on here too.

But before I could start patting myself on the back, I realized a glaring omission: I read the comics so you don't have to! I know I stumbled across this one a while back, it's simply criminal that I didn't link to it then and there. But thanks to a recent post from tom the dog (who I also need to add to the links), I'm rectifying the situation. Like tom, I too was a big fan of funny paper and like tom, I've actually caught myself thinking that maybe I should try to fill that void. But, we all know how busy I am, right? (that was only partially sarcastic, mind you)

So, go check out IRTCSYDHT, comic strip fans. It's well worth your time, you have my word. [UPDATE: not two days after I plug him, he goes and changes the name! Look for the link on the right to The Comics Curmudgeon to visit Josh's site, though the IRTCSYDHT link above should still work as well.]

And confidential to ADD, you're welcome! Consider it an early birthday present or something...

Posted by Thrillmer! at January 24, 2005 10:55 PM

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