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December 10, 2004

The Boneyard Club epilogue

This is more of a set-up for the next storyline, but serves as a wrap-up for the Boneyard Club as well. Just a little something to round out your week.

I don't have the all the strips for this next exciting adventure, but I do have a full story I'm thinking I'll probably start posting after the new year. I know, I know--if you think the wait is unbearable now, wait until I tell you it's pirate story...

strips M181-184

Posted by Thrillmer! at December 10, 2004 01:14 PM

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I like your site. Which Seekers Dailies are you missing? I have a run of the Gazettes that ran the Seekers. I can make you copies and mail them out do you.

Posted by: Jeffrey at December 23, 2004 11:24 AM