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December 03, 2004

Little Joe and Big Fun, plus some Street Angel equals links aplenty

Further to yesterday's Comics Journal plug, anyone interested in Little Joe should get in touch with Merlin Haas who is selling a CD ROM filled with all the Sundays from 1933-41 plus a few extras. Only $15 (includes shipping) in the U.S.
He's got some samples up here and here.

Another item I feel I absolutely need to note is the second issue of Big Fun. I started out this very blog plugging the first issue and I am quite eager to get my hands on this new one. More Captain Easy and Scorchy Smith, how could I possible refuse???
There's samples here too.

One last plug while I'm at it--I absolutely love the back cover of the new issue of Street Angel. For those who have not seen it, it is a fun homage to Harold Gray. I know most folks who stop by here are probably interested mainly in newspaper strips, but if you're the type that visits a comic store on a regular basis looking for "floppies," you really should be checking out Street Angel. It's definitely one of my favorite finds of the last year. Four issues so far, not a bad one in the bunch...

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