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July 07, 2004

who better?

Steve Canyon 1949
One of my favorite purchases of the last week would have to be CheckerBPG's newest book of Steve Canyon reprints. I haven't had a chance to actually read the whole book yet, but I have perused it a little and can report that this volume is just as nice as the previous two. As you can see from some of the samples online, original artwork or proofs must have been used in compliling this, as Caniff's pencils often find their way outside of the panel borders. For anyone who missed out on the Kitchen Sink reprint series (like me) these books are a great way to experience Steve Canyon from the beginning.

As a special treat, I'm posting a sketch Caniff made for the 1983 National Cartoonists Society Convention. In this drawing he gives a clever critique of the state of the newspaper comics page. It almost looks like Steve is part of one of Joe Matt's early Peepshow layouts...

Comic Strip News
Yesterday I linked to an interview with Get Fuzzy's Darby Conley in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. What I neglected to do report is that it is part of a week long series of interviews with the top five creators, as voted by the readers. Seems they're cleaning house based on the votes. You never know how something like that might go, on one hand I certainly like the idea of letting the readership choose what they want to read. On the other hand, people seem to love crap...am I right folks? At any rate, Monday had a feature on Scott Adams and Today has Jerry Scott and Rick Kirman, the creators of Baby Blues. I'm interested to see who their top two cartoonists will be.

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